6 Best Museums for Kids in New York City

A museum is a great learning platform for kids who are always curious. It helps them get a better understanding of traditions as well as cultures around the world. Also, it exposes them to many things that happened in the past making them more curious about history. It also gives them an opportunity to improve their linguistics and the best part, helps them come up with ideas. The question is, what kind of museums offer the best experience for children.

If you live in New York, here are 6 museums that will provide the best experience for your kids.

1. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

If you want for a museum that offers an opportunity for your child to play and discover new things, then take him or her to Brooklyn Children’s Museums. Founded in the year 1899, this was the first museum that was established with the intention of benefitting children who want to learn more. The museum focusses on examining the roles that different items and objects play in our lives. It also tries to examine how these same tools impacted human history as well as cultures.

2. Children’s Museum of the Arts

Another great museum that will offer a great experience for your kids is, Children’s Museum of the Arts. This museum displays all forms of artworks that were created by experienced artists as well as children with the intention of helping other kids learn more about art. It also offers a lot of hands-on activities that will keep your kid engaged while at the same time improving his or her creativity. Here they can use the Media Lab to make movies. Also, they can create some sculptures using clay bars or play in a Ball pond.

3. Children’s Museum of Manhattan

This museum is intended specifically to help kids understand themselves as well as the things that surround them via several interactive programs as well as exhibits. For example, the Adventure with Dora and Diego is a program where kids aged below six years are encouraged to participate in several missions with the aim of saving animals and more. Also, they give a talking dragon alphabet letters to eat and take a fire truck for a spin while at the same time exploring, imagination, science, art, as well as language.

4. Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum offers a variety of artistic programs that are mainly intended to trigger an imagination, love for art as well as creativity. Among these programs include Sunday studio and Art Trek that allows kids and families to have fun by creating artwork and learning. Here you will find artists as well as teachers who make use this museum as a classroom with the intention of helping kids learn more. Other things to expect includes, videos that feature kid’s reporters, interactive mat and more.

5. New York City Fire Museum

New York City Fire Museum helps kids understand how firefighting evolved from Peter Stuyvesant’s bucket brigades to today’s modern firefighting methods and machine. Also, your children get to see a memorial of up to 343 FDNY’s members who made a significant sacrifice in September 2011. Lastly, it offers fire tours for groups so that your entire family can get to enjoy. If your kids love firefighters and trucks, they will love the New York City Fire Museum.

6. SONY Wonder Technology Lab

SONY Wonder Technology Lab is one of the free entertainment and technology museums intended for children of all ages. Also, it features state of the art facility & creativity. In the museum, you will find many interactive exhibits such as virtual surgery that gives your kids a chance to experience what it feels like to carry out an open heart surgery. Also, you will find WSWL Studio that helps your kids learn what roles they can play in TV production. Lastly, it offers a Game Builder that allows your children to build their computer racing game and more. SONY Wonder Technology Lab is one of the museums in New York that will help improve the creativity of your kid.

New York is a large city with a lot to see and learn, but nothing offers a greater experience than these six fantastic museums. Unlike other museums in the city, they offer your kids a chance to play while at the same time enabling them to see a lot of things they weren’t aware of. We are a firm believer in teaching entrepreneurship to kids at an early age. See the 67 steps: review and let us know if teaching business to your kids at a young age is a good idea. Now go play!


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